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Making Progress Where You Are

We offer teletherapy services for children of all ages in the state of Texas!

Teletherapy is a great (and convenient) option for parents who wish to save time commuting to/from sessions or for children and families who live outside of our area but still desire our services.

Mother and Daughter

How does teletherapy work?

We use a combination of parent/caregiver coaching and direct interactions with the child. Direct interactions with the child will require a parent or another adult to be present to help facilitate the activities, specifically for young children up to 3-4 years old. For parent coaching, parents will be interacting with their child while being guided by the therapist (much like in-person sessions). Coaching is an excellent way for parents to learn and practice how to support their children in developing a specific skill. It is also a way for parents to understand how to increase opportunities for ongoing practice within play and daily routines. 

Will my child make progress from teletherapy?

Research shows that teletherapy is as effective as in-person therapy. We deliver the same quality therapy as our in-person sessions by using fun, engaging and interactive activities and games. 

How will my child stay engaged during teletherapy?

Distance Learning
Virtual Conference

We have a library of fun and interactive activities that we use during teletherapy sessions! Some activities will be online and shared from our screen, while allowing the child to use their own mouse to respond to questions. Others will utilize some objects, toys, and other household items from our side of the screen and/or your house. Before the session, we will be sure to let parents know what needs to be gathered for our session. We may also email activities beforehand so parents can print and gather any necessary supplies. 

What device do we need for teletherapy sessions?

We recommend using a computer or laptop for sessions, but tablets can be used as well. We use a secure platform for teletherapy, which can be used from a computer or tablet with a web-based browser. Prior to your first session, we will provide you with directions for logging on and a troubleshooting guide to refer to during our sessions. If you do not have access to a tablet or computer for our session, please let us know ahead of time so we can determine the best option.

Teenager on Laptop
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