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Speech-Language Evaluations and Therapy

 We provide skilled, comprehensive evaluations and therapy sessions in your home or via teletherapy in the following areas:


Articulation Disorders

Receptive/Expressive Language Disorders

Late Talkers

Phonological Delays

Social Skills

Augmentative Communication



Stacking Blocks
Family with Tablet

Parent/Caregiver Coaching:

More Than Words Program

At Spoken For, we believe in assisting parents and caregivers with the knowledge and techniques to support children at home, at school, and in the community. Parent/caregiver coaching is an excellent option for children who are not ready for direct therapy. Coaching is a great option for parents/caregivers who would like to:

Learn strategies to help your child communicate and interact during everyday routines and activities


Understand how to engage your child in back and forth communication exchanges (even before he or she is using words to communicate)


Manage mealtime and feeding challenges


Learn effective ways to play with your child and how to increase social opportunities

Parent Coaching
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